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Don’t let your guests sit through another “typical” auction, let yours stand out from the rest! Statistics show that live auctions bring between 38-51% more money than silent auctions. Call Victoria to liven up your next event and give your guests something to look forward to! Please read on to see what kind of response we have had from the community!!!

“Victoria, you did an awesome job!!!  Stacey & I were pinching ourselves, feeling so lucky that we had attended the seminar that told us to hire a professional event auctioneer.  I got so many comments about what a great job you did.”

“Victoria is a wonderful auctioneer.  Because of her our auction ran smoothly and was fun.  She’s energetic, hard-working, and enthusiastic.  I know that our event would have been poorer – in energy and money earned – if Victoria hadn’t been our auctioneer.”

“STOP LOOKING FOR ANOTHER AUCTIONEER NOW! Victoria’s ideas, personality, and ability to keep her promises of a successful auction makes her leaps and bounds above the rest. Whether it be your first auction or just your first auction to REALLY raise some impressive funds, Victoria’s expertise will help you along. I put my faith in her and was not disappointed. You won’t be either.”

“Victoria is by far one of the most engaging and passionate people I have had the pleasure of working with. We were very impressed by her wealth of knowledge and experience along with her endless energy. She was so gracious with her time and talents preparing for our Live and Silent Auctions. We definitely benefited from Victoria’s expertise and we would highly recommend her for any non-profit who is hosting an event and needs a top notch auctioneer.”

“Victoria was so easy to work with; professional, experienced and great at providing guidance to our young auction. Because of her help we managed to almost double our previous year’s proceeds. Victoria, Thank you very much, we could not have done this without you!”

“Victoria has been an astonishing partner for the past three years, Victoria and her work have served as the principal fundraising agents of our organization. Because of her talents and dedication to our local community, our monetary success has continually grown in its three year’s of operation. Not only could we not do it without her, we wouldn’t want to.”

“At first, our auction committee was hesitant to stray from the silent auction prototype that we had followed for so long, but seeing Victoria in action set our minds at ease. Her friendly, outgoing style was refreshing for the guests and staff alike, and her ability to encourage bidding is unparalleled. We basically had to force the guests to stop bidding! Our auction broke all records and exceeded our expectations in every aspect. The auction committee, Board of Directors, staff and guests were all extremely pleased and we look forward to working with her again next year!”

“We consistently rely on Victoria for support to create a world-class annual fundraising auction. This year she provided guidance starting several months out to help fine tune our execution and preparation. Her magnetic personality and enthusiasm transformed the auction into the evening’s entertainment. In fact, Victoria’s talents were responsible for exceeding our auction goal by over 45%. Thank you!

“Victoria was an incredible auctioneer at our recent event.  Not only was she engaging and entertaining, she made a significant impact on our ability to raise additional contributions. I would highly recommend her to another organization!”

“I would highly recommend that if you have a live auction coming up you should definitely call Victoria! She did an unbelievable job with our live auction! Her dynamic presence and excitement energized the whole room – almost all of the participants at our dinner were drawn into our auction because of her enthusiasm – she really knows how to get a crowd involved! The feedback we received was so positive – we will definitely have her come again!”

“Victoria is one of the most engaging, vivacious auctioneers you’ll find.  Before working with her, I thought of auctioneers as bland, dry and utilitarian.  Now I know that they can be exciting, classy and just generally fun.”

“Victoria, I’m not quite sure how that powerful voice and those insanely innovative ideas come right out of you, but they definitely do! Thank you for making this year’s Live Auction one of the highlights of our annual gala. Your participation in our event raised the bar completely. I appreciate you and so much for all your ideas, your guidance, and your powerhouse show! You are the best!”

“Thank you, Victoria! Without your involvement our auction would have been neither as successful nor as much fun!”

“I just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful efforts as auctioneer at the gala last week. I am still getting positive comments from attendees about your enthusiasm and style.  It is through efforts such as yours that we continue to serve our mission for people with disabilities.”

“The auction at our gala generated a lot more money than we had anticipated, with Victoria at the start of the event, her energy and enthusiasm carried over throughout the night. She is largely the reason why our gala was so successful and profitable.  We are looking forward to working with her every year.”

“Victoria was great at our annual ball! She was lively and entertaining and brought humor to our live auction! Thank you for a wonderful evening!”

“Our small non-profit was extremely hesitant about producing a first-time live auction. However, not only did Victoria deliver an exhilarating presentation, she exceeded our fiscal goal by 240%. Mesmeric, riveting, fascinating, that is Victoria!”

“We were honored to have one of its very own graduates (BA ’00 & MLA ’04) serve as the auctioneer for our event. Victoria’s lively spirit captivated the audience, encouraged participation, and resulted in a successful and profitable event. Her suggestions in advance of the event were extremely helpful and I look forward to working with her again.”

“I SURE hope I see you at our event next year! I’ll be sure to remind the committee next year about your energy. I’m not kidding and I’m not being nice, just honest. YOU made the difference in our live auction….!”

Can she really make that big of a difference?

Give your guests more than an auctioneer! Give them an entertainer who will engage them, laugh with them and bring them to their highest giving potential. Victoria has conducted charity auctions in Arizona, California, the District of Columbia, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas & Washington State but her services are not exclusive to these states; she will travel anywhere to make your next event a success! She has donated over $256,350.00 in in-kind services since she started auctioning in 2004. She has conducted over 580 charity auctions and raised more than $45M via charity auction. Let her share the secrets with you to make this year’s event the most successful in your organization’s history. Use Fund-A-Need efficiently and effectively. Don’t let even one person from your event feel badgered after the Fund-A-Need portion of your auction. Let them walk away satisfied that they are making a difference and wishing they had done more. You may have mastered your event, now take your auction to the next level—hire a professional auctioneer extraordinaire and watch your numbers rise as you tighten your auction and give the audience more of an experience.

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