Victoria Gutierrez Auctioneer Extraordinaire
Auction Info

Can she really make that big of a difference? Yes she can and has for over 200 nonprofits. Give your guests more than an auctioneer! Give them an entertainer who will engage them, laugh with them and bring them to their highest giving potential. Victoria has conducted charity auctions in Arizona, California, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas & Washington State but her services are not exclusive to these states; she will travel anywhere to make your next event a success! She donated $26,350 in services during the 2006-2007 charity auction season, $28,850 during 2007-2008, $31,250 during 2008-2009, $27,650 during 2009-2010, and $30,150 during 2010-2011. She has conducted over 350 charity auctions and raised more than $20M via charity auction. Let her share the secrets with you to make this year’s event the most successful in your organization’s history. Use Fund-A-Need efficiently and effectively. Don’t let even one person from your event feel badgered after the Fund-A-Need portion of your auction. Let them walk away satisfied that they are making a difference and wishing they had done more. You may have mastered your event, now take your auction to the next level—hire a professional auctioneer extraordinaire and watch your numbers rise as you tighten your auction and give the audience more of an experience.

Services Victoria Provides

— Meet with committee via conference call or in person
— Pass on resources for potential donors
— Package items- provide input to committee chair(s)
— Suggest most saleable order for items
— Assist/edit PowerPoint for event
— Bring 1 ring person per 75 guests or train your volunteers
— Arrive at agreed upon time auction night
— Create excitement amongst the crowd
— Conduct auction

Give them an experience not just another auction!


Victoria Gutierrez Auctioneer Extraordinaire